Enhancing the horizon of world knowledge by promoting international understanding through imparting quality education and creating value added skill based human resource.

We aspire to become top ranking National and International Centre of Excellence producting high calliber leaders and Captains of industry.

Inculcating the spirit of "Vasudeva Kudumbakam" (The world is one family).

"Sakala Jeevathmarige Lesane Bayasuva" (Wishing the worldly good and betterment of all the living beings) is our moto.


Achieving academic excellence through innovatively designed, research intensive,industry oriented education.

Imbibing the culture of Independent thinking, Independent writing, Independent speaking and Independent living among the students in all the activities.

Foster the spirit of National development and develop global competences. Nurture creativity and encourage enterpreneurship and provide an education with rigor and relevance.

Provide academically excellent,time efficient, and cost effective higher education. Provide an education which enhances the ability of students to learn throught the life.

Ensure freedom of thought and expression in a campus without discrimination

Encourage the spirit of questioning and ensure close inter-relationship between Teaching, Scholorship and Research.

Develop and deliver distinctive and value driven academic programme that are flexible and responsible to Local, National and International needs.

Cultivate academic, business and community driven partnership that positions the University as a leading choice for adult learners.

To work effectively with other institutions and organisations, where such partnerships can lead to understanding research and teaching.