Additional Information
Sl.No Additional Information Information/Download Link
1 Total campus area of University/institute 75 Acres
No. of off campus centres NIL
No. of off-campus shores NIL
2 No. of affiliated colleges of the University NIL
No. of Constituent colleges of the University NIL
3 Details about accreditation such as NAAC/NBA/ISO Not Eligible
4 Name of any renowned award of excellence given to the University/institute NIL
5 Total No. of alumni of the University/institute 3261
Names of notable ten alumni of University/institute As our University is new all alumni are in entry level/cadre
6 The details of the recognition approval by statutory/ regulatory bodies other than UGC such as AICTE, NCTE, BCI, MCI, DCI, PCI, RCI, CoA
7 The list of top 20 institutes submitted by your head of the institute to the NIRF ranking for perception score for last three years NIL
8 Institute ever participated in any global rankings such as THE, QS, ARWU, CWUR & rankings for the last three years NOT YET